Bryant & Stratton College provides a housing partnership with Marfair Reserve and The 2100 Apartments for students. Click HERE to view Mayfair Reserve housing brochure.  

- Registering for Bryant & Stratton College (BSC) Sponsored Housing Early Enrollment

  • Students may sign up for housing between March 1, 2018 and May 1st, 2018.  Early enrollment allows a student to pick their roommate and their 1st & 2nd choice of either The Mayfair Reserves or The 2100 (coming in Fall of 2018).  The college will make every attempt to provide the student with their choice of facility but it is not guaranteed.  Those students already living in one of the BSC sponsored housing units will be given priority to stay in their facility and room they are already assigned.

Students who are using BSC Sponsored Housing Already

  • Those students already living in one of the BSC sponsored housing units will be given priority to stay at their current facility and room they are already assigned.  Students currently using our housing must inform the Resident Life Director one month before the end of the semester of their intention to stay in the BSC housing (April 1st) by completing a Housing Continuation Form.  Current student occupants will not be required to put an additional security deposit on their account to secure housing however the previous semester housing charges must be paid in full by the last day of the term to remain in the BSC sponsored housing.

Background checks

  • All students applying for BSC sponsored housing are required by The Mayfair Reserves and The 2100 to have a background check.  This is part of the application process.

Waiting List

  • Students will be placed on a waiting list once the housing is filled.  Once the student is notified that there is an open space they will need to pay the security deposit, complete all required paperwork and have a background check.

- Orientation

  • All students new to BSC sponsored housing will be required to attend a housing orientation prior to receiving their keys to their apartment.

Housing Deposit

  • All students requesting Bryant & Stratton College (BSC) sponsored housing are required to pay the $500 Housing pre-payment in order to complete the application process and needs to be paid before the application deadline.  $250 will be credited toward your housing charges.  The remaining deposit will be held as a refundable security deposit less any maintenance and repair charges.  The security deposit is for the whole academic year.  If a student decides to not remain at the BSC sponsored housing their $250 security deposit will be forfeited and NOT refunded.

    Students who decide to leave BSC sponsored housing once the term begins will be charged the full board charges for the semester and will forfeit their security deposit regardless of the reason for leaving.

    For students who occupy BSC sponsored housing the whole year, any remaining security deposit after repairs and maintenance will be refunded 30 business days after the end of the semester.

    The housing deposit is paid directly to the Bryant & Stratton College’s Business Office according to the appropriate corresponding deadline date schedule. 

    Payments may be made in person at the Business Office, Wauwatosa Campus, with cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check or by mailing your check directly to the Business Office at:

Image result for the 2100 apartments Business Office

Bryant & Stratton College

10950 West Potter Road

Wauwatosa, WI 53226

NOTE: A student is not considered to have secured a room in BSC sponsored housing until the deposit and background check are completed.  The student must also be a student of Bryant & Stratton College to use BSC sponsored housing.  The student will be notified by the Resident Life Director of their acceptance into BSC sponsored housing.

- Leaving BSC sponsored housing between semesters or at the end of the term.

  • Students who decide they will not stay in the BSC sponsored housing will be responsible for contacting their Resident Life Director 15 calendar days before the end of the term. Students must be vacated from their room the last day of classes in order for repairs to be made and to enable ample time for a new student to move in before the start of the new term.